Sunday, 29 July 2012


Scene 2 {Inside the school hall, the parents and teachers are seated on two sides with an aisle in between; though, some teachers arestanding with one of them at the entrance of thehall. On a raised platform is the high table with some parents seated and the principal of Honey Bells International Secondary school seated at the centre. A male teacher walks to the podium and speaks through the microphone.} MR. SEYE: Good afternoon, our fathers and mothers. It’s a pleasure to have another parent-teacher association meeting today. But before the meeting commences, let’s say a little prayer… {At the school gate, a jeepcruises into the school compound. It’s now raining. After a while, a woman alights from the car, dressed very gorgeously in a lady’s suit, short skirt and a black hat. She holds out her umbrella…} {At the school hall, Mr. Seye rounds up the prayersession and invites the principal to the podium following a round of applause.} PRINCIPAL: {smiles} Well, I’m very happy that the Lord Almighty has spared our lives to witness the second PTA meeting of thisterm. It has been… {The woman in black walksbriskly towards the entrance of the school hall holding a young boy. She gets to the entrance.} MR. DEJI: Em, you are welcome, ma. Children are not allowed in the PTA meeting. It’s strictly between parents and… MRS. PEPPLE: Get lost! {Sheshoves him aside and he falls down flat! She barges into the school hall holding her child with attention now drawn to her. The principal notices her presence.} PRINCIPAL: Em, Mrs. Pepple,it’s nice to have you here… {She ignores the principal’s welcome remarkand walks up to the raisedplatform with her child and snatches the microphone from the principal.} PRINCIPAL: Em… MRS. PEPPLE: Oh, Mr. Principal, let me. You’ve been talking for ages. {Faces the parents and teachers} Sorry for the unavoidable interruption. It’s a pity that a citadel of learning of such honourable calibre would still allow herbivores to pass knowledge to innocent children. {The parents start to murmur. The Principal is confused,} MRS. PEPPLE: Or which human being would slap a young child like this?! {Gesticulates with her child’s face} Can’t you all see the marks of the filthy thing that laid his or her hand on my child?! Can’t you see? Parents, we have to wage war against child abuse and unnecessary disciplinary measures… PRINCIPAL: Em, Madam Pepple, why can’t we discuss this after the meeting? MRS. PEPPLE: Sir, I don’t have time for backdoor nonsense. {Faces the parents} We can’t just open our eyes and watch our children being treated like second class citizens after paying over five times of minimum wage as school fees… {A woman stands up, interrupting her.} MRS. ADETAYO: Madam, would you rather speak for yourself? And please, don’t blame anybody for passingacross a message you refused as a parent… MRS. PEPPLE: Excuse me? Eh, I don’t know who paid you to speak those unkind words to me but why don’t you just shut your silly ass before I treat you like the trash you are… {Some parents gasp in aweof the name-callings.} MRS. ADETAYO: What did you just call me? Ehn? I don’t blame you but when motherly duties are too burdensome for you to discharge; you should be ready to bear the consequences. {Mrs. Kuforiji pulls her to her seat.} MRS. ADETAYO: Salawu, leave me alone and let me face her. MRS. KUFORIJI: Take am easy. I dey here for you. I dey put her suffer for cooler. MRS. PEPPLE: Mr. Principal, I’m really amazed that psychos have started to grace our PTA meetings. {To her son} Who is that useless teacher that slapped you? DAVID: Em, Miss. Evelyn… MRS. PEPPLE: {shouts} whois Mrs. Evelyn?! PRINCIPAL: It’s ‘Miss’… MRS. PEPPLE: Who cares? Mrs. Evelyn?! MISS EVELYN: {gently raises her hand} I’m here, ma. MRS. PEPPLE: {notices her} Oh, there you are, trollop. MRS. MOTUNRAYO: {whispers to the parent seated beside her} Seems like she has a name for everyone… MRS. PEPPLE: ‘Miss. Evelynch’, you had the guts to slap my boy… MISS EVELYN: Em, I’m quite sorry ma but your son literally beat up a junior to the extent of knocking out the child’s tooth! {The parents murmur and Mrs. Pepple eyes them.} MISS EVELYN: I admit I slapped your son out of anger but I feel the parent of the boy whose tooth was knocked out should bethe one… flaring up… MRS. PEPPLE: {Chuckles} I’m flaring up? Hm? What a good explanation to vindicate evil. Are you so uncivilized that you couldn’t call me that my son did such a thing and I would reprimand him as I wish?...............TO GET THE FULL DRAMA PIECE,CONTACT THE WRITER OLUSOLA OLADESU AT, WRITER SEEKS FOR PUBLIFICATION

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