Thursday, 26 July 2012


NW CONTEST WINNING BY SHOLA SHOLAY PRODUCTIONS AND PRESENTATIONS PRESENTS A DRAMEDY ENTITLED:‘War against [in]discipline’ PLOT The plot opens with a disagreement that ensues at a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meeting between two women who have sharply-contrasting views about ‘discipline’. Another parent present there who incidentally owns a talk show decides to air the two women and their husbands and children on the episode where ‘discipline’ would bethe topic of discussion. The show begins, everyone is readyto defend what he or she knows, and then the highest level of ignorance is displayed....and was later found out that the two women have more than‘discipline’ uncommon to each other! MAJOR CHARACTERS Mrs. Kuforiji- A vibrant, illiterate woman Mrs. Pepple- A proud, sharp-tongued, rich woman Mr. Pepple- Mrs. Pepple’s husband Mr. Kuforiji- Mrs. Kuforiji’s husband Motunrayo- A TV host Miss Evelyn Principal Kate Tommy Lara Rotimi David Tunde…and others Scene 1 {In a very large school compound, there are many cars packed within and outside the premises; it’s the visiting day/PTA meeting of Honey Bells International Secondary School. Beside one of the classrooms is a Peugeot 206 parked and a woman standing by the car and checking her wristwatch every two minutes. A young boy appears from a corner.} MRS. ADETAYO: {sees the boy and smiles} Bayo omo mi, oju e ree. {The boy smiles and hugs his mothertightly}. Ah, bawo ni gbogbo nnkan? BAYO: {sharply} O fine. MRS. ADETAYO: {looking at him all over} Pele. O ti ru o. Bawo ni studies? BAYO: O fine. A kan ti se awon test die gan… MRS. ADETAYO: Se won saawa okay? BAYO: Won fine. Especially mathematics yen, mo fo yonayona ni. Gbogbo nnkan ti mo ka ni won gbe jade. Won serve si mi lowo ni. MRS. ADETAYO: Mo trust e. Saa teju mo iwe e daadaa. Se ko si awon aso e ti o doti bayii? BAYO: Rara jare. {Opens the door to the backseat of the car and sits down looking around} Daddy nko? MRS. ADETAYO: Won travello Abuja last week; amo won fi owo ranse si e. Ki n to maa lo, ma fun e ni phone ki o ba won soro. Pele. {Looks around} O ye ki won ti ge gbogbo igbo ti mo n wo yii; ejo le farapamo sibe…o wa dangerous fun students. BAYO: Mummy, ebi n pami o.Ki le bami gbe wa? MRS. ADETAYO: Ebi n pa e?Mo diidi se fried rice ati salad fun e ni. BAYO: Mummy, e ti gbagbe pe mi o really like lati maa je salad; afi bii pe eeyan n je koriko pelu calamine lotion ni. MRS. ADETAYO: {jokingly} Ara oko, aba re lo kuku jo.{Tries to open the car booth from the driver’s seat and a female teacher walks up to her holding files and a pen.} MISS EUNICE: Hello, ma… MRS. ADETAYO: {notices the teacher} Ah, good afternoon ma. MISS EUNICE: Afternoon. MRS. ADETAYO: Hope no problem, ma? MISS EUNICE: -That’s why I’m here, so that one couldbe avoided… MRS. ADETAYO: Sorry? MISS EUNICE: I am an English teacher. Bayo is your son, right? MRS. ADETAYO: {anxiously}Of course… MISS EUNICE: Good. {Bayo looks at her swiftly.} The problem is that your son was involved in a fatalbrawl with another studentthat led to the knocking out the tooth of the other child… MRS. ADETAYO: What?! MISS EUNICE: My point- your son has been quite unruly and violent… MRS. ADETAYO: {stares at her son} how? In what way? BAYO: Mummy, I didn’t do anything… MRS. ADETAYO: {cuts in} Will you shut up and let your teacher talk?! MISS EUNICE: Em…ma, you have to take it easy with him…children of nowadays could be so annoying at times. As I was saying, youshould talk to your son so that he doesn’t repeat such wicked act. Imagine him actually beat

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