Thursday, 26 July 2012


This is a tribute to a story by one of the beautiful ladies gracing here. She had written this fantastic story which had ‘ gripped’ my heart in ways I couldn’t imagine. The title : I loved her…she loved another! truly captures the essence of some relationships out there. It is a sad story, but a beautiful one all the same. So, I thought I would spin it out in a different way. A poetic way. I hope I did justice…. Be the judge. ********************************************************************************************************** May 23, 2012 4.15 p.m A shrill scream rents the midnight air Heavy with the depth of painweighed down in heavy sorrow The cry of a dying heart in utter despair Caused by a loss it fails to swallow. **************************************************** If only time could be borrowed Just so words uttered foolishly could be recanted If only I could make up for allthe wrong bends followed Go on a journey to reclaim that word which gnarled at the heart and left it so disjointed. ********************************************** If only I listened to the cries of the night birds Singing of a love which already had gone sour If only I had seen clearly the silent pledge Telling me she indeed loved another. ********************************************* This love triangle shouldn’t have happened If I had seen that which in the distant eyes sparkled; Clearly I love her, but she loves another. 5.43 p.m Merci! AUTHORS NOTE..What do you know? I am what others will call me. But I answer only to what I callmyself. You want to find out more? Maybe, we need to find out together...there are ways if u catch my drift. Hit me/ 08098181829 2796f571 Go to shai's profile , and read more of his/her posts .....source.NS

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